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Our Story...

The World Flavour Company was founded in 2011 by a young entrepreneur in Blackpool Lewis James created World Flavours Limited by scraping all they’re money together to build the company. When hitting markets such as Ebay, Amazon, Rakuten And Etsy.com to there surprise there product sales rocketed along with there popularity. fortunately the company became more successful allowing them to manufacture its own branded food flavouring.

About Our Products...

World Flavours Limited supply the most demanded highly concentrated food flavouring used in small and major baking, confectionery and drink factory’s all over the world. All our flavours are made with pristine quality to ensure our customers are always happy with there products. bursting with all different flavours each bottle in so concentrated each of our 30 ml flavouring bottles can explode up to 66 kg of mixture easily with tongue wow-ing flavour. this product is all so suitable for smaller mixtures in drinks baking or confectionery.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship to just about every corner of the globe

Best Quality

Our products are made to the highest standards

Best Offers

Up to 50% OFF with our multi-buy offers

Secure Payments

All payments are taken via 128 bit encrypted system

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